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En Toutes Lettres

You have an existing site but you want to professionalize it, bring it a young and improve SEO?

You noticed that your site is not readable on tablets and smartphones?

The Hosting have evolved (version of php, base SQL), is my site always in agreement with these technical data?

Is your site secure?

The redesign of your website is perhaps the solution you need.

But what are the steps of a perfectly successful site redesign?

When you think about it, you find yourself at the limit of a site creation with the advantage of having an existing one that of course you want to improve.

The classic steps of a good site redesign are

1) Define a goal (s) for example

  • Increase traffic
  • Reach a new target audience
  • Modernizing my site
  • PTo see a natural referencing ...

2) Existing ergonomics, should it be modified ?

  • Identify pages to create
  • Review the menu

3) Review the contents of the site

  • Move tomultilanguage ?
  • pages optimization
  • Choose good keywords.

4) The design

  • Define or redefine your graphic charter (colors, typography, logo)
  • Choose quality photos

If you define a good specification, the redesign will only be easier