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etl particles owlcarousel

The Owl Carousel particle is a simple and elegant particle, based on the open source project of the same name by Bartosz Wojciechowski, that displays featured information in a modern slider.

This particle is available in free RocketTheme template Helium. I created a small package for this particle with a small modification at the css level to adapt it to the template Hydrogen.


Main Options

These options affect the main area of the particle, and not the individual items within.

particle Owl carousel Main Options

CSS Classes Sets the CSS class for the content of the particle.
Title Sets the title of the particle, as it will appear on the front end.
Prev Next Enables a previous / next switcher on the front end.
Dots Enables or disables pagination dots.
Autoplay Enables or disables autoplay, allowing the particle to automatically move through items.
Autoplay Speed Sets the speed at which items are automatically progressed in autoplay.
Image Overlay Enables or disables the use of image overlay in the particle.

Item Configuration

particle Owl carousel Image Options

Image Enter the path to the image file you wish to use for this item.
Title Enter a title for the item here.
Description Enter a description for the item here.
Link Enter a link for the item here.
Link Text Enter a the text you want to appear as the link for the item here.
Button Class You can enter a button class you wish to use for the link button here.




Example 1 - Section Showcase of this page

See top of this page

Example 2 - Section Subfeature of this page, see below

Example 3 - See template Hydrogen Mauve (Boxed Animated)