Gantry 5 demo website

Discover the particles Gantry 5 created by En Toutes Lettres

Each particle corresponds to a specific need for your site under Gantry 5

A job see on (Codrops) by Mary Lou about some menu link hover effects for your inspiration (Powered by CSS and JavaScript for individual letter animations) gave me idea of this particle. I have added also a Simple menu option.
Component Acymailing
The En Toutes Lettres Newsletter - Acymailing particle gives you the ability to quickly display an Acymailing Newsletter subscription module on your website.
RokBox or Lightcase
The En Toutes Lettres Image Grid particle gives you the ability to quickly set up a clean, organized grid of images. A lot of options are available including usage of RokBox or Lightcase.
Template Helium basis
The Owl Carousel particle is a simple and elegant particle, based on the open source project of the same name by Bartosz Wojciechowski, that displays featured information in a modern slider.
Flat Surface Shader (FSS) animated background is written in JavaScript by Matthew Wagerfield and Tobias van Schneider for rendering lit Triangles to a number of contexts. Basically, this tool takes geometry, light and triangles and turns it into something fun, exciting and beautiful that everyone can use.
Simple Form
The Restaurant Booking particle allows you to manage your online reservations. It is dedicated to restaurants but can be used for many other sectors of activity. This particle uses a platform dedicated to forms, Simple Form, which makes the interface between your site and your mail. Simple Form fits easily into Gantry 5 particles.