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Horizontal alignment of the block concerning the "info articles"

See Tuto Info Block modification

Migrate your Joomla 1.5, 2.5 website, to Joomla 3 :

If your site is in Joomla 1.5, you will need

  • In the first time update all your extensions and joomla in 1.5.26
  • Then migrate to 2.5, and then upgrade to 2.5.28,
  • And finally, migration to 3 to arrive at 3.7.x

During these phases you evaluate the impacts on

  • The template - 'is it compatible with the latest version of joomla? Is it responsive? Should we change it?
  • The contents and the menus - mic mac possible at the level of the aliases - deletion of all that is useless (cleaning)
  • Extensions - Compatibility with the latest version of joomla - Are there any new up-to-date extensions that take my specifications?
  • utilisateurs - utilisation les ACL (Access Control List) qui sont apparus avec le version 2.5
  • SEO.

Attention a migration is still hazardous especially for complex sites. For a simple site it is better, I think, to start from scratch (a site redesign).

Is it necessary to migrate my Joomla site?

Well no ! You have in Joomla 1.5 or 2.5 a CMS that runs - Thanks Joomla! ...


  • Security updates are no longer made for older versions. Joomla's open source code is well known to Hackers, which is the open door to hacking attacks. Joomla's developer team is constantly updating to reduce these vulnerabilities. 'Where the need to follow these updates and apply them.
  • Joomla has evolved with lots of novelty that you can not use
  • Les principales extensions actuelles ne sont développées qu'autour de joomla 3. Vous devez donc migrer votre site si vous voulez bénéficier des dernières fonctionalités.

Migration remains your personal choice and we can help you.

Tariff of a migration?

Difficult to say because it depends on a lot of parameters especially if it is accompanied by a redesign of site

The tariff will depend very much on the difficulty and the number of components to be migrated but time remains the determining factor for the evaluation of the price of the migration.

Our minimum price is 600 Euros for a simple migration